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About Southern Living Caregivers


Back in 2009 my family had the shock of our lives. My mother, Bennie, suddenly couldn’t walk. That didn’t happen over a period of time rather it happened overnight. My parents had gone to work and returned home for the evening. My mother had completed her usual routine of cooking, cleaning, showering and preparing lunches for the next day. My parents went to bed as usual. When my mother awoke the next morning she stepped out of the bed and landed on the floor because her legs wouldn’t hold her. After several tests and a few weeks in the hospital it was determined she had Multiple Sclerosis.


My father, who was the “man of the house”, suddenly took on two roles. He was the breadwinner and the caretaker. That was not an easy transition for him due to his lack of experience running the household. Unfortunately during this very tumultuous time my mother kept falling because when my father would leave to go to work she still had to use the restroom, eat and dress for the day. She continued to attempt to do those tasks independently but her legs no longer held her up and she kept falling. My father was forced to quit work and stay home with her for her safety and wellbeing.


In 2012 it was decided by all to move my parents from Texas, their home state, to Georgia. After a brief transition period a caregiver was obtained for my mother. The caregiver, Nita, tends to my mother’s needs as well as provides a break for my father.


Nita provides a great service as well as a priceless friendship to both of my parents. Having a caregiver for my mother was the best decision that could have ever been made. Nita has been with my mother for about 5 years. She is a member of our family and we love her very much.


This story is important to mention because I was a consumer of caregiving services. When placed in that difficult position in life I decided I wanted to provide the same services to others who are going through stressful and emotional times just like our family had. Through Southern Living Caregivers I am now able to be supportive to those in need and give back to others placed in the same situation. It is an honor to care for the loved ones of others and reduce the stress on primary care providers and family members.

Meet the Owner


Natoshia Goodman is a Registered Nurse of 20 years. She graduated from Georgia Baptist College of Nursing in 1997 with a BSN, from Brenau University in 2013 with a MSN and will be completing her EdD from Grand Canyon University this year. She has many years of experience as a charge nurse in the Emergency Room at Grady Memorial Hospital as well as a flight nurse for several years. She is passionate about nursing and has dedicated her career to helping others. 

Natoshia Goodman, RN, MSN, EdD(c)

Natoshia Goodman, RN, MSN, EdD(c)
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