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We get a lot of questions about our services and business on a daily basis. So, don't be afraid to ask us anything - we're here to help.
So, what's your question?

Common Questions and Answers

If you still have questions after reading though our common questions and answers section, please call us.
  1. Are the care givers agency employees or contractors?  At Southern Living Caregivers we use our own employees and this is one of the most important questions the patient or their family should ask.  Someone is responsible for income tax and social security withholdings.  If they are contractors to the patient, then the patient is responsible to the IRS.  This is costly for you.  Likewise, if the caregiver is injured on the job whose insurance will cover it?  Not the contracting company’s but instead it falls to the patient and homeowner’s coverage does not extend to employees.  Simply do not use an agency that uses contractors for employees.

  2. Is there a registration fee?  We never charge a registration fee or require a minimum number of hours each week, but many agencies do charge such fees. 

  3. Does the agency carry professional and general liability insurance?  What happens if an accident happens in your home or something is missing?  Likewise, many agencies do not allow caregivers to drive patients to doctor’s appointments or other errands.  Be sure the agency carries Non-Owned Automobile coverage if they will be driving you or running any errands for you.  Otherwise, you could be responsible for the cost.

  4. Does the agency do criminal background checks?  If someone is in your home, especially with an elderly person, you should be sure of their background.  Also, internet (on-line) checks are not reliable.  Anyone working in your home should have a letter on file from a local law enforcement agency that has checked the FBI data base.  These are easily and available.

  5. What happens if my caregiver is sick or cannot work?  One of the benefits of using some agencies is that a qualified replacement caregiver will be available to fill in if your regular caregiver is ill or needs a day off.  Be sure to confirm that the agency makes this commitment to you.

  6. What happens if I have a problem after business hours?  There should be someone on call 24 hours 7 days a week to respond to calls. 

  7. Is there a nurse available for questions?   The on-call staff should be able to access a nurse any time.

  8. What are the requirements of the contract I will sign?  Southern Living Caregivers doesn’t require you to sign a length-of-service or minimum charges contract. You should only pay for services you receive. 

Southern Living Caregivers is fully bonded, licensed and insured


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